Advocating for the medical students of Notre Dame Fremantle


The Medical Students’ Association of Notre Dame (MSAND) is the peak representative body for all students studying medicine at Fremantle. We are a not-for-profit organisation made by the students, for the students. We represent the needs of our members from the first day of their academic studies through to their future medical careers.

From our humble beginnings in 2006, MSAND has grown into an organisation that represents 400 medical students across the four years of the MD program, and an ever-growing and accomplished alumni.

Committee Members

The MSAND Committee is a team of 24 individuals elected by their peers to represent the medical student cohort. We meet monthly to report on and discuss student matters, as well as organise social, sport, educational, wellbeing, and advocacy events.


The Executive oversees the operations of MSAND, as well as represents the committee at meetings with the School of Medicine, AMSA, AMA, and other external parties.


Natalie Ferrington (she/her)

Vice President Internal

Sacha Alexiou (he/him)

Vice President External

Jake Collins


Indiana Scanlon (she/they)


Alex Majri

General Committee

The Committee is made up of a diverse group of portfolios designed to represent all facets of the student body.

Education Chair

Vicky Ferdinands (she/her)

Equity Chair

Ally Jensen (she/they)

Rural Chair

Caden Allison (he/him)

Social Chair

Denver Quantrill (he/him)

Social Justice Chair

Mia Dorsett-Sawyer (she/her)

Sports Chair

Isabella Suleski (she/her)

Wellbeing Chair

Jeet Mann (he/him)

IT Officer

Raphael Watt (he/him)

Media Officer

Edward Kermode

Aboriginal Representative

Kayla Williams

AMSA Representative

Lucy Stewart (she/her)

Environmental Chair

Max Eton (she/her)

Year Reps

Each of the four year levels elect two of their peers as representatives on the MSAND Committee.

Fourth Year Representatives

Seamus Power

Fourth Year Representative

James McQuillan

Third Year Representative

Ira Howard

Third Year Representative

Kelly Rahui (she/her)

Second Year Representative

Yoveena Brian (she/her)

Second Year Representative

Oliver Smith (he/him)

First Year Representative

Alexander Adlams (he/him)

First Year Representative

Tim Jones (he/him)

Meeting Minutes

Each month the MSAND Committee meets within the hallowed halls of ND35 to provide reports on their portfolio and discuss matters pertaining to the student body. Here you can find minutes of these monthly meetings. For further information on matters discussed in these meetings, contact the MSAND Secretary at [email protected].

Official Documents


MSAND is governed by the principles set out in its constitution.

SpIG Operational Guidelines

The Special Interest Groups (SpIGs) provide educational events and resources for students related to their respective field of interest. They operate under the broader governance of MSAND as outlined in the operational guidelines.

MSAND Position Descriptions

This document provides a brief outline of each MSAND Committee Member’s responsibilities including meetings attended and events organised.

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