The comradery MSAND has between year groups both on and off the field is unparalleled, so we encourage all students to get involved and be a part of what makes MSAND so special.
The Sport & Wellbeing groups aim to provide a safe, welcoming and enjoyable environment for all skill levels. With a range of activities catering to all tastes, including boot camp and yoga sessions, it’s the perfect release from the stressors of uni that ultimately creep up. Not only are the games fun, social and great for overall health and well-being, there is nothing more exhilarating than cheering your mates on to a win against our rivals.
The friendships formed on the field will last throughout your medical career and past students are always looking to help their old teammates once you hit the wards.

MSAND Sports:

Run Club
Australian Rules: Men’s & Women’s 
MSANDFA – Soccer