O-Camp 2019: Alcohol inclusive


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Attendee Disclaimer:

I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own personal safety and wellbeing whilst on MSAND O-camp. I take full accountability for my safety, and acknowledge that, although MSAND has worked to minimise and eliminate any possible risks, my participation in O-camp has inherent risks that I have accepted through my voluntary participation in O-camp. I have informed MSAND of any serious medical conditions I knowingly have, and give MSAND permission to disclose this information to the relevant persons in case of an emergency. I give MSAND permission to provide first aid and medical assistance should I require it. I understand MSAND is not responsible for my personal belongings. By agreeing to this waiver I understand MSAND is not liable for my safety or belongings, and I accept the possibility of injury as a result of risks I undertake through my voluntary participation in O-camp