• Name: Sam Cherian
  • Year: 3rd Year
  • Role Description: I liaise with students of ND, the MSAND committee and staff to improve the student experience at Notre Dame – facilitating the ideas of the students with the exec of Tessa, Shaun, Pete, and Kate and the whole committee to make the university the best it can be for the students!
  • What I can help you with: Anything and everything!! If you need to be put in contact with the right person I’m happy to help, if you have ideas for MSAND that you think would make the organisation better or have advocacy ideas to take to the staff or to AMA meetings I’m all ears, or if you just want a general chat, happy to do that too.
  • Past Involvement: 2nd year rep – Was Dope         
  • Favourite ND experience: Week spent in 2nd year in the Kimberly – Also Dope
  • Interests: Basketball, B Ball, Hoops – Not any good but love it. Also,  long walks on the beach.
  • Contact Email: [email protected], 0421679600

Vice-President Internal:

  • Name: Tessa Clifton
  • Year: 3rd year
  • Role Description: Like a good bra, my role is one of support. I help out Sam and attend various staff meetings  (curriculum, assessment, evaluation, and academic governance). If you have thoughts on any of these topics, let me know.  I help out the year reps and SPiG leaders, linking them with each other if there’s shared ground, but also with the staff and other students.
  • What I can help you with:  Feedback and ideas! Got either of these? Come to me, or if you’d prefer, talk to your year reps, who will pass it on to me if needed. I can help get feedback to the right people, or link you with those who can help with your ideas (events, fundraising, concerns with an exam, etc). Also, always here for a chat.
  • Past Involvement:   Code Green Rep and Vision member 2017, Social Justice Chair 2018  
  • Favourite ND experience: Living and studying in Broome for six weeks in second year
  • Interests: Savoury muffins, trail running (hit me up if you’re looking for a group), bouldering, comfortable shoes
  • Contact Email: [email protected], 0435043964

Vice-President External:

  • Name: Shaun Hontomin
  • Year: 3rd year
  • Role Description: Dolla bill, yo. I get to have coffees with our lovely sponsors, chat about nothing, and then try and convince them that MSAND is a worthwhile investment for their large sums of money. I guess I help Sam with other stuff, but mainly making money.
  • What I can help you with: Anything and everything. If you want a chat, if you’re stressed, if you have a potential sponsor for me, I’m here to talk!
  • Past Involvement: Inaugural Equity Rep – read: wore crop top to O-Camp, and will do it again        
  • Favourite ND experience: Derby trip in 2nd yr, Wangkatjunga is sweet
  • Interests: hockey, rugby, RuPaul’s drag race, doggos
  • Contact Email: [email protected]


  • Name: Kate Langton
  • Year: 3rd year
  • Role Description: My role is mainly organisational- I organise MSAND meetings and take minutes. I organise the approval and booking of all rooms & equipment for all MSAND and SPiG events throughout the year. I will also be sending out applications for MED100 reps, who sit on MSAND and are the 2 representatives for your cohort. Additionally I will be sending out applications for the sub-committees for Notre Dame’s Special Interest groups (Global Health, Research, Teddy Bear Hospital, Emergency Medicine and Physician’s Society).
  • What I can help you with: Honestly any questions about first year and medicine in general! Any questions about room bookings, running events, fundraisers, MED100 reps, the Special Interest Groups.
  • Past Involvement: 2018Emergency Medicine co-chair, 2018 Perth18 Convention Logistics subcommittee, 2017 AMSA subcommittee, 2017 Sports & Wellbeing subcommittee.          
  • Favourite ND experience: MED200 Kimberley immersion week!
  • Interests: eating is my favourite part of the day, literally any sport (gymnastics, skiing, netball etc.), avid TV watcher, generally being clumsy (I trip over a fantastic amount of times), AMSA National Convention (best week of the year, bar o-camp)
  • Contact Email: [email protected], 0432403555


  • Name: Pete Gilmore
  • Year: 3rd year
  • Role Description: I get to decide where we spend the money Shaun and the rest of the MSAND team brings in!
  • What I can help you with:  I’m happy to help with any issue you might have! I came from a non-science background so am well aware of how big a challenge that is going to be for some of you, so if any such people need advice feel free to hit me up.
  • Past Involvement: MSAND Treasurer 2018
  • Favourite ND experience: 2nd Year Kimberly Trip!
  • Interests: Footy & Basketball (any sport really), Reading, TV, Gaming
  • Contact Email: [email protected]


  • Name: Ned D’Souza
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: I am legally obligated to make sure everyone has fun at social events. If I fail the board of examiners dishonourably discharges me and i’m forced to spend 1000 hours dancing to vintage Miley on the Club Bayview back dance-floor.
  • What I can help you with: Letting your hair down; finding the perfect ratio of wine to orange juice.
  • Past Involvement: This is my first year on MSAND! Please be nice to me 🙂
  • Favourite ND experience: co-founding a PBL food appreciation page – follow pbl_foodie_fans for snack ideas.
  • Interests: I just love silent discos.
  • Contact Email: [email protected]


  • Name: Justin Taheri-Chivers
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: to allow Notre Dame’s next aspiring sports stars build their career. After winning the wooden spoon in AFL last year the team is looking to enter the draft with high picks and steal some young talent. This can mean talent both on and off the field. Think less Gary Ablett and more Ben Cousins. I’m entirely joking but you don’t actually have to be any good at sport to join and of the teams, its having fun that counts more than anything. Available sports are: AFL, AFLW (late march/April), soccer (mixed team), netball (inter school competition), other exciting events to come.
  • What I can help you with: Helping figure out who the physios in your year group are so you can finally get to the bottom of all those soft tissue injuries and alleged back pain that has been stopping you exercising for the last decade
  • Past Involvement: MSAND committee virgin. Played MSAND AFL & ND netball            
  • Favourite ND experience: co-president of PBL_foodie_fans and the Celebration Sub-Committee (CSC). With both co-presidents of CSC falling into new roles with MSAND this year we will be taking applications for future leaders in the organisation.
  • Interests: encouraging participation from all members of the wonderful Notre Dame community
  • Contact Email: [email protected]


  • Name: Michaela Ross
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: Advocate for ND medical students mental, physical and spiritual health. Point of call for information on local community groups (think sport, arts, pottery…anything that provides some life balance), GP’s, support groups, mental health organisations and apps. Organisation of weekly yoga/mindfulness classes, mental health check ins, liaison officer with students and heads of ND support services.
  • Past Involvement: Solid commitment to 2018 Ocamp D-floor and every other MSAND event since. 2018 Rural and Pediatric Committees.
  • Favourite ND experience: Ned Dsouza and Justin TC’s (celebration societies) inaugural ND Easter egg hunt.
  • Interests: Surfing, camping, yoga, anything involving sunshine and sand
  • Contact Email: [email protected], [email protected]


  • Name: Breanna Hollow
  • Year: 3rd year
  • Role Description: I have a few different jobs throughout the year. I am responsible for organising the First Year Survival Night (something I thoroughly recommend you get around!) as well as ECG night and pharmacology night. I also sit in on a variety of meetings with the academic staff to help represent the student voice in academic and curriculum matters.
  • What I can help you with:  I would love to hear from you if you ever want any of your concerns RE curriculum, assessment or the general course structure raised in a confidential and respectful way! No concern is too small or too silly so please feel free to get in contact with me if there is anything you think I can help with (education related or otherwise).
  • Past Involvement:   Vision Global Health Fundraising Coordinator 2018       
  • Favourite ND experience: Kimberley trip for sure!
  • Interests: Pizza, pasta, chocolate, gelato (and the occasional pilates class or netball game to accommodate my incredibly poor nutritional decisions).
  • Contact Email: [email protected] 0437728807


  • Name: Monica Zheng
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: to advocate on behalf of University of Notre Dame Fremantle students at the Australian Medical Students Association, who are the peak representative body for Australian medical students at state and national levels (if you’re really bored you can find out more here I organise the UNDF Vampire Cup (a blood drive competition between medical schools) during Semester 1 and am involved with AMSA Mental Health/Blue Week in Semester 2.
  • What I can help you with: If you’re interested in public health and policy, let me know! There are opportunities all year round to be involved in policy amendments and writing with other medical students around the country. Additionally there are numerous projects you can get involved in – MSA Academy, AMSA Queer, AMSA Mental Health, AMSA Activ8, AMSA Gender Equity, AMSA Vampire Cup, AMSA Code Green, AMSA Crossing Borders, AMSA Healthy Communities, and AMSA Reproductive Rights. You can also hit me up if you’re interested in AMSA’s annual events – Convention (the largest student run conference in the Southern Hemisphere), Global Health Conference or the Rural Health Summit.
  • Past Involvement: First Year Rep 2018
  • Favourite ND experience: Pig heart dissection lab
  • Interests: food, coffee, wine, AFL, cricket, ballet, pilates
  • Contact Email: [email protected]   

Social Justice:

  • Name: Reesha Cornelio
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: MSAND representative of Social Justice. As the MSAND representative of Social Justice I look after all the Social Justice related activities for the pre-clinical cohort.
  • What I can help you with:  Although first year is hectic, committing a few hours to social justice can really be enjoyable. If you are looking for volunteering opportunities/ways to give back to the community – I am your gal!        
  • Favourite ND experience: O-camp!
  • Interests: Obsessed with travelling, fitness and dogs
  • Contact Email: [email protected], [email protected]


  • Name: Michael Hussey
  • Year: 3rd year
  • Role Description: Bring you information and opportunities to experience rural medicine whether you’re already keen on it, un-decided or never thought about it.
  • What I can help you with:  The many opportunities Notre Dame and Rural Health West have regarding rural medicine including the John Flynn Placement Programme, Rural Clinical School (including info nights, networking with past/present students and mingling events for those getting involved) and rural med events throughout the year.
  • Past Involvement: Emergency Medicine Interest Group sub-committee 2017 and co-chair 2018.       
  • Favourite ND experience: the 6 weeks in Broome last year
  • Interests: John my doggo (he’s a good boy), footy, sticky date pud, apple pie
  • Contact Email: [email protected]


  • Name: Georgia Pansini
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: Advocate for issues regarding equity of disability access, mental health, gender, and sexuality within the medical school and the wider university.
  • What I can help you with:  Any issues or concerns you may have with inclusivity and equity at Notre Dame Medical School. Also, I’d love to talk to people who are as passionate as I am about social justice and equity who would like to work with me!
  • Past Involvement: Coordinator of a Refugee homework help program & Guild club president at UWA.
  • Favourite ND experience: My GP placement in first year! My GP wanted me to get involved and he showed me how to do some pretty cool procedures.
  • Interests: The Bachelor, food related Instagram blogs, trap music and sausage dogs.
  • Contact Email: [email protected] The Bachelor, food related Instagram blogs, trap music and sausage dogs.


  • Name: Michael McKendrick
  • Year: 4th year
  • Role Description: I’m in charge of the  MSAND magazine,  general memes, posters and pretty things related MSAND
  • What I can help you with:  Any media/social media things. Poster/ticket  design. Getting work/journals articles/ reflection/ art published in the Notre Damus magazine. Exposure to the MSAND and medical community.
  • Past Involvement: 1st year: AMSA committee, rural committee. 2nd year: VPE, Convention, ND student representative. 3rd: VPE / NDASS year rep, Convention creative convenor. 4th year: Media /NDASS Vice President 
  • Favourite ND experience: moving in with my ND housemates (SHOUTOUT TO ELENI, HANNAH, AMY AND SHAUN)  + Broome / Derby trip.
  • Interests: skiing, swimming, waterpolo, sumo wrestling (I’m writing this from Japan), travel, new tech and sushi
  • Contact Email: [email protected]


  • Name: Seth Wolff
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: I am the friendly face that is responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes work such as managing the MSAND email account, organising tickets for events and ensuring that our social media pages are up and running.
  • What I can help you with:  Fine-tuning your pushup technique and endurance
  • Past Involvement:  This is my first time on MSAND 🙂        
  • Favourite ND experience:  O-Camp 2018
  • Interests: Family, friends, dogs and food
  • Contact Email: [email protected]

MED200 Rep:

  • Name: Joseph Curran
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: My role, along with Britt, is to communicate the ideas, concerns and expectations of 2nd year students to the 2nd year coordinator Anett and the academic staff.
  • What I can help you with:  Finding the joy in studying medicine
  • Past Involvement: This is my first MSAND experience!         
  • Favourite ND experience: 2018 MSAND Ball
  • Interests: Ice cream
  • Contact Email: [email protected]

MED200 Rep:

  • Name: Brittany Webster
  • Year: 2nd year
  • Role Description: Representative for MED200 cohort, meeting with year coordinator, relaying any issues or thoughts from the cohort
  • What I can help you with: Adjusting to WA after moving interstate, general study tips for first year.
  • Past Involvement: Teddy Bear hospital subcommittee, Sports & Wellbeing subcommittee
  • Favourite ND experience: all the amazing people I have met and how welcome I have felt
  • Interests: coffees, walks, swims and taking pics of my dog
  • Contact Email: [email protected], [email protected]

MED300 Rep:

  • Name: Poppy Gilfillan
  • Year: 3rd year
  • Role Description: Representing the 3rd Years with the wonderful Simone, organizing Friday Friendlies, the mentoring program and other events!
  • What I can help you with: mentoring queries, Friday friendlies feedback,
  • Past Involvement: social justice subcommittee 2017     
  • Favourite ND experience: definitely the Broome learning on country program! And the people!
  • Interests: sleeping, swimming, daggy dad dance moves
  • Contact Email: [email protected]

MED300 Rep:

  • Name: Simone Isaacs
  • Year: 3rd year
  • Role Description: Representing the third year cohort with Poppy, meeting with the clinical dean regularly and feeding back any issues identified on MED300 placements. Organising third and clinical year specific events as well as Friday Friendlies and the mentoring program.
  • What I can help you with:  Any issues with the mentoring program, feedback regarding Friday Friendlies, unsolicited life advice, always ready to take breaks from med to chat about real life and helping with adjustment to med in any way! I did nursing and midwifery in Victoria 8 years ago so it was a big learning curve coming back to study! Chat to me about being old in university!
  • Past Involvement:   Social justice committee in 2017, this is my first rep role!       
  • Favourite ND experience: The learning on country trip to Broome in 2018 and realising how lucky and happy I am to be at this wonderful university in this gorgeous city/state!
  • Interests: Food, sleeping, D&M’s, work/life balance, being in the sun – ideally at the beach
  • Contact Email: [email protected], 0430546411

MED400 Rep:

  • Name: Sylvia Rienks
  • Year: 4th year
  • Role Description: Looking after the fourth years, being a wise owl, sorting out graduation things, pretending to know what I’m doing.
  • What I can help you with: Pretty good at life advice, especially about work-life balance
  • Past Involvement:  First year rep 2016, Vice President Internal 2017, President 2018          
  • Favourite ND experience: Derby trip in second year
  • Interests: long walks on the beach, pondering life the universe and everything, painting, playing rugby
  • Contact Email: [email protected], [email protected]

MED400 Rep:

  • Name: Matt Thomas
  • Year: 4th year
  • Role Description: Rep for 4th years & organising graduation
  • What I can help you with: General med & ND advice
  • Past Involvement: MSAND footy,sports & wellbeing rep 2017, Vice President Internal 2018, AMSA Convention Sports convenor 2018
  • Favourite ND experience: Half-way dinner 2017
  • Interests: being a barista, beers, music
    Contact Email: [email protected]