Name: Breanna Hollow

Year: 4th Year

Role Description: As president, I have the privilege of ensuring the wonderful MSAND committee works well together and does its utmost to accurately represent the student body. I attend a variety of meetings with senior staff, MSAND portfolio holders and external bodies such as the AMA and AMSA. I hope to represent the student body to the best of my abilities and relay student concerns to staff members in order to precipitate timely and meaningful change. Ultimately, however, I believe the main responsibility of my role is in ensuring the collegial culture of Notre Dame Fremantle continues to prosper and be inclusive of all. 

What I Can Help You With: Anything and everything! If you have any concerns, whether they are related to the curriculum, MSAND events or your dog’s sore foot, I am always a listening ear and eager to help in any way that I can. I can ensure absolute confidentiality in representing matters you may want to raise with the SOMF but are apprehensive about discussing. No issue or idea is too silly or too small!

Past Involvement: I was fortunate to be the 2019 Education Rep; a role I thoroughly enjoyed! In 2018 I was fundraising coordinator of Vision Global Health

Favourite ND experience: This is a tricky one as I feel there have been too many good experiences to choose from. I would probably have to go with the MEDI6200 Kimberley trip.

Interests: Pizza, pasta, chocolate, gelato (and the occasional Pilates class or netball game to accommodate my incredibly poor nutritional decisions). White wine and Jane Austen also warrant a mention!

Contact Email: [email protected]

Vice-President Internal:

Name: Joseph Curran

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: Playing Dick Cheney to the El Presidente requires me to run support for every other portfolio, including assisting the president, the education and social reps, and helping out at all events. I’ll be assisting in the coordination, planning, logistics and the running of events throughout the year. I’ll also be liaising with the staff to relay the concerns and ideas of the students.

What I Can Help You With: I can help with any suggestions or feedback that you need filtered back to the staff. If you’ve got any ideas for events or initiatives, queries for exams or the education, or just want to have a chat about anything, I’m always up for a coffee and a chin wag.

Past Involvement: 2nd year rep

Favourite ND experience: Broome for 6 weeks in 2nd year

Interests: The Richmond Football Club, all sports, talking about how much culture Melbourne has, reminiscing about my glory days as an athlete.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Vice-President External:

Name: Justin Taheri-Chivers

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: My role is to liaise with MSAND’s corporate partners and organise sponsorship of events and activities that our dear committee members run throughout the year. Although VPE is mostly about fundraising, I also assist our fearless leader Breanna on occasion and am sure to throw in my opinions where required.

What I Can Help You With: Always happy to have a chat and joke around to try and bring the lighter aspects of this degree to the forefront, or if you know any sponsors that want to get on board the bandwagon then send them my way!

Past Involvement: Sports rep last year, Celebration sub-committee before that.

Favourite ND experience: Broome Learning on Country program (or was it holiday?), and Derby trip out to a station.

Interests: Food, coffee, beverages, footy (AFL that is), cricket, collecting stamps etc

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Isabella Ellison

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: My role involves organising MSAND meetings and Special Interest Group events throughout the year. These groups include Global Health, Research, Teddy Bear Hospital, Emergency Medicine and Physician’s Society. I will also be sending out 2020 applications for the MEDI6100 representatives as well as the Special Interest Groups. My aim is to integrate all the societies as well as the year levels, and ensure all events run smoothly.

What I Can Help You With: I am an extremely approachable person who can help answer any questions regarding the program or life outside of uni, always love to have a chat!

Past Involvement: Teddy Bear Hospital co- chair 2019, MEDI6200 halfway dinner committee

Favourite ND experience: Cattle station for the MEDI6200 Kimberly immersion week

Interests: I love sports and socialising, any event throughout the year you will see me at having a good time. I am a passionate Adelaide Crows fan (despite the previous two seasons), and love playing any sport!

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Danny Huynh

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: Deciding where we spend the money Breanna and the rest of the MSAND team brings in!

What I Can Help You With: Whether it’s flicking me a message on Facebook, having a chat over coffee or if you see me at uni, I am always down to have a chat. Whatever your academic or career background may be – medicine can definitely bring its own set of challenges so definitely don’t be afraid to reach out. Everyone’s always willing to have a chat and that applies across the board! 

Past Involvement: Member of the MSAND Equity Committee

Favourite ND experience: Getting a chance to meet all the lovely people at ND!

Interests: Soccer, reading, a good podcast, yoga, doggos, and having a good yarn.


Name: Christine (Chrissy) van Deventer

Year: 2nd year

Role Description: According to the Hippocratic Oath, it is my licit and moral duty to ensure everyone has fun at all social events. Failure to do so will eventuate in dishonorable discharge by the board of the examiners and shipped back to ‘ol Victoria.

What I can help you with: Providing you with nights filled with rad tunes, dancing and introducing you (if you haven’t already been acquainted) to the sweetest nectar one can find on the west coast – Emu Export.

Past involvement: 2019 MED6100 representative.

Favourite ND experience: Friday Friendlies, where I met the best group of people and who became my life-support this year <3

Interests: Beach, coffee, sport and the occasional wild night

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Jarrad Zylstra

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: My role centres around ensuring everyone’s at ND35 by 5:45am each morning for 15x100m sprints down Henry St or sparring in the Clin Skills rooms (depending on the day of the week). We have a simple philosophy here at MSAND Sports: be better. Jokes aside, my job is to ensure everyone feels welcome and confident to have a crack at any of the sports we offer; inclusivity underpins everything we do. With Aussie Rules (men’s & women’s), soccer, and netball on the menu as the main dishes, we also now offer the lucrative E-Sports competition, the unstoppable juggernaut that is the Powerlifting and Weightlifting Club, and there are whispers in the corridors of yoga, Pilates, and a run club coming to a medical school near you in 2020.

What I can help you with: Anything besides footy tipping (I generally throw in the towel by round 13).

Past Involvement: 1st Year Rep

Favourite ND experience: O-Camp. Don’t remember much but everyone said I had a great time

Interests: Will Pascoe

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Simone Isaacs

Year: 4th Year

Role Description: Wellbeing rep – all things helping you survive medical school in and out of ND35. Organising wellness events, and helping to keep the school healthy, friendly and happy.

What I Can Help You With: Anything! But in particular, get in contact if you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure where to turn to next. I’m from Melbourne and did nursing and midwifery for several years before med, so chat to me about being old in uni ☺️

Past Involvement: 3rd year rep along with heavenly Poppy in 2019

Favourite ND experience: The 6 week Broome learning on country, getting to meet so many incredible people who are now some of my best friends, realising I might be able to pull this doctor thing off.

Interests: Anything food and wine related, going to the beach, reading, catching up with friends, movies, lying around, kickboxing, anything eccentric and alternative.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Brittany Webster

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: To represent the student body on all things education! I will also provide survival guides and study nights to guide you through the year.

What I Can Help You With: Representing the view of the students, assisting with understanding the curriculum and assessment and providing relevant study nights leading up to exams.

Past Involvement: Second year rep, sports and wellbeing subcommittee and on the subcommittees of SPIGs.

Favourite ND experience: The second year Kimberley trip.

Interests: Swimming, surfing, reading and going out for breakfast.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Jade Franco

Year: 2nd year

Role Description: I’ll be advocating on behalf of University of Notre Dame Fremantle students at the Australian Medical Students Association, who are the peak representative body for Australian medical students at the state and national levels. Basically, I make sure your ideas, concerns and expectations are heard.  I’ll be organising the UNDF Vampire Cup (a blood drive competition between medical schools) and Mental Health/Blue Week.

What I can help you with: If you have an interest in public health and policy or want to get involved, slide into my DMs or DcMls (shout out to all the 2nd years). Also, I can help with moving from interstate.

Past Involvement: Social Justice, Teddy Bear Hospital, Physician’s Society Subcommittee, Volunteer Vietnam

Favourite ND experience: Apparently, I created the worst meme in history last year. It got zero likes. I still think it was bloody hilarious.

Interests: eggs, full cream milk, discriminative touch, dogs, beach and a good boogie

Contact Email: [email protected]  

Social Justice:

Name: Oyinda Orundami

Year: 2nd year

Role Description: I’m responsible for running social justice related activities, and ensuring that we have ample opportunities to continue volunteering, which accommodate our busy schedules as medical students.

What I can help you with: If there’s anything you’d like to get involved in that is or isn’t currently available, or if you ever just want a chat, hit me up!

Past MSAND Involvement: MSAND Social Justice Committee Member 2019

Favourite ND experience: O-camp – ‘twas a good time

Interests: Brunch, painting, singing, cinnamon scrolls, a good boogie

Contact email: [email protected]


Name: Darcy Norman

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: Keep everyone updated on the various Rural programmes and opportunities throughout the year, as well as being a sounding board for those who are undecided on Rural Medicine.

What I Can Help You With: I can help with any questions about Rural opportunities and lifestyle, guide you to the best $5 breakfast burger in Fremantle and will also provide a strong forward option for the MSAND footy team.

Past Involvement: 1st time on MSAND

Favourite ND experience: 2019 O-Camp

Interests: Beach, Football and Peter Siddle highlights

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Eugenia (eug) Hutton 

Year: 2nd year 

Role Description: Advocate for issues regarding equity of disability access, mental health, gender, and sexuality within the medical school and the wider university. 

What I Can Help You With: Always free for a chat about any concerns you may have, equity based or in general. Having moved from interstate I understand the difficulties of moving to a new city so if you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact me! As well as wanting to ensure inclusivity within our school, I am also passionate about the environment. I am hoping to increase sustainability within the medical school, and potentially, the university in general – so if you have any ideas, please hit me up!

Past involvement: Doctors the Environment representative

Favourite ND experience: O-camp !!!!!!!!!

Interests/Hobbies: MemEs, the SIMMMpSOONS /tv shows in general, potatoes, doggos

Contact email[email protected]


Name: Bay Ransom

Year: 4th Year

Role Description: MSAND Media Rep – In charge of Notre Dame publications

What I Can Help You With: Absolutely nothing girl related

Past Involvement: MSAND 2018 Media Rep

Favourite ND experience: Winning Prom Queen

Interests: Underground cage wrestling, erotic literature, getting caught in the rain

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Ashwin Rajendra

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: If MSAND were Batman, I’d be Lucius Fox: managing the behind the scenes components for MSAND’s activities. My role involves managing to MSAND website and email, organising tickets for events and ensuring MSAND’s social media posts go viral.  

What I Can Help You With: Most things tech related: whether that be guiding you through Blackboard or guiding you in RuneScape. Additionally, I can provide detailed reviews for most movies and TV shows. I’m also always around for a yarn about anything.

Past Involvement: First Year Rep in 2018

Favourite ND experience: The six weeks of Broome Learning on Country and Kimberley Week.

Interests: Basketball, Dom Sheed and Cooking (pls hit me up if you want to go on My Kitchen Rules).

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED200 Rep:

Name: Nika Arora

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: Giving a voice to the people of second year, alongside Paris, by meeting with the year coordinator, and other staff members to voice any ideas and concerns, and feedback any information to the students.

What I Can Help You With: Tips and tricks on how to make Paul Noakes your bff.

Past Involvement: I’m fresh meat on the MSAND committee

Favourite ND experience: PBL with Smyth

Interests: Killing indoor plants, and the afterglow of a sunset

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED200 Rep:

Name: Paris Elphick

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: My role alongside Nika is to be the go-to people for our fellow second years to communicate any concerns and feedback to our year coordinator and associate Dean.

What I Can Help You With: I Can help you with some tricks on how to have a good uni life balance, and happy to help with any concerns or questions you might have! 

Past Involvement: New to MSAND committee, but was on Teddy Bear Hospital sub-committee in 2019.

Favourite ND experience: Favourite experience would be seeing Paul Noakes pose in front of a Salt Lake in Southern Cross.

Interests: Footy, cricket and goon

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED300 Rep:

Name: Adriana Gangemi

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: Acting as a representative for the third year cohort with Carla and meeting regularly with the clinical dean to act as an advocate by relaying any issues the year group has, particularly with placements. I also help organize fun stuff! This includes Friday friendlies and other various social events. I also assist in coordinating the mentoring program for students.

What I Can Help You With: Feedback on any events organized, the mentoring program or clinical placements. I can act as a vehicle for you to relay your concerns to the clinical dean and be an advocate for issues the year group is facing. I can also assist with the getting you involved with the mentoring program and I am very open to taking on suggestions about social events. I am also always happy to have a chat about anything and everything! I am Italian so talking comes naturally to me. Don’t hesitate to talk to me if you need help or advice with anything med or life related!

Past Involvement: Teddy Bear hospital subcommittee

Favourite ND experience: The amazing cohort I am fortunate enough to study with and having the opportunity to go on the Broome immersion program.

Interests: Coffee and food (these are listed first for a reason), dancing, coffee, travelling, learning new languages (trying to), cooking, running and did I mention coffee?

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED300 Rep:

Name: Carla Zoccoli

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: Representing the wonderful 3rd year cohort with Adriana, organising Friday Friendlies and mentoring.

What I Can Help You With: Mentoring, Friday Friendlies, general 3rd year enquiries/issues, feel free to come and have a chat about anything and everything!

Past Involvement: Rural and Social Subcommittees 2018

Favourite ND experience: Broome Learning on Country, a pretty phenomenal experience.

Interests: Food, netball, beach etc

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED400 Rep:

Name: Kate Langton

Year: 4th Year

Role Description: Along with Arjun, we represent all of 4th year, advocate for student needs and organise all things graduation,

What I Can Help You With: Any advice about medicine, extra curriculars and work-life balance.

Past Involvement: 2019 Secretary, 2018 Emergency Medicine Co-chair, 2017 AMSA subcommittee & Sports subcommittee.

Favourite ND experience: MED200 Kimberley week, delivering a baby on O&G rotation.

Interests: Eating, gymnastics, netball, beach.

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED400 Rep:

Name: Arjun Jeyadevan

Year: 4th Year

Role Description: Carry the opinion of our year group to meetings with both MSAND and the School of Medicine.

What I Can Help You With: Finding the life in the work-life balance.

Past Involvement: Pres at Arj’s

Favourite ND experience: Derby rodeo as part of our learning on country in 2nd year.

Interests: Cricket, basketball and anything where I can make new friends (my current ones suck)

Contact Email: [email protected]