Name: Jarrad Zylstra

Year: 4th

Role Description: Leading the 2021 MSAND Committee in fostering our inclusive culture, representing our school in dealings with other Australian Med Socs, and ultimately advocating for the needs of Notre Dame medical students across all four years.

What I Can Help You With: Anything but footy tips; speak to Emma Gooderson.

Past Involvement: 1st Year Rep (2019), Sports Rep (2020), EMIG Events (2021)

Favourite ND experience: O Camps

Interests: Telling people I ran a marathon, followed closely by running the marathon

Contact Email: [email protected]

Vice-President Internal:

Name: Eugenia (Huge Eug) Hutton 

Year: 4th year

Role Description: My role is to support the President and each of the MSAND portfolios, particularly with coordinating events and representing the needs of students. My role includes liaising between staff and the student body in regard to feedback and relying any student concerns.

What I Can Help You With: Anything and everything! If you have any ideas, concerns or expectations (ICE ICE baby) that you would like to voice to MSAND or the school, I am here! I love a good chat, so feel free to reach out to me whatever the reason. Also, please let me know any TV binge recommendations or if you want to chat memes.

Past Involvement: MED6300 Year Rep, Equity Rep

Favourite ND experience: Donna Mak on a bucking bull

Interests: Beach walks, holding hands, starring into the sunset, poetry, and hugs.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Vice-President External:

Name: Sahib Singh

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: My role is to liaise with MSAND’s corporate partners and organise sponsorship of events and activities that our committee members run throughout the year.

What I Can Help You With: Always happy to chat about anything related to the first year MD program or even other aspects of the health care system, specifically coming from a pharmacist’s perspective.

Past Involvement: First time in MSAND but keen to get involved in all aspects of MSAND.

Favourite ND experience: O-Camp is a definite highlight as well as the rural health week, aside from those, the regular social get togethers are always tons of fun!

Interests: Love food and trying new places, love the cinema so hit me up if you want to check out the latest blockbusters and my favourite interest; travelling. I love travelling locally, interstate and hopefully globally again soon!

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Marie Johnston

Year: 4th year

Role Description: Essentially a glorified walking and talking MSAND diary. I’m responsible for organising MSAND meetings, special interest groups (SPiG) nominations, year representative voting/nominations and liaising with staff to co-ordinate events held on campus. My aim is to ensure that MSAND along with all the specialty interest groups, functions together as one cohesive unit without any hitches!

What I Can Help You With: Literally ask me anything. I’m always down for a chat.  

Past Involvement: 3rd year representative, Pre-clinical education rep & Events co-ordinator of the powerlifting club. 

Favourite ND experience: : O-camp has to take the cake + every other MSAND social event.

Interests: Love the Beach, coffee, Exercise cults, doggos, breaking my left foot & being a turbo

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Alex Majri

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: Managing MSAND funds to ensure we don’t go broke!

What I Can Help You With: Anything I’m capable of! Always happy to have a chat about uni, life and sports (do not message me about gene mutations)

Past Involvement: Member of Teddy Bear Hospital 2021

Favourite ND experience: Classmates and tutors

Interests: Sports (volleyball), gym, nandos, gaming, travel, poker, Drake (Spotify Wrapped, 2021), friends and fam!


Name: Lachlan Hannah

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: My role is to organise a year full of fun and inclusive events for all Notre Dame Med students to enjoy. What type of events you ask? The main ones to pencil in include O-Camp, Uniform Party, May Soirée and the Med Ball.

What I Can Help You With: Providing you with events where you can forget about study, dress to impress and dance the night away. I’m also happy to answer all and any type of questions you may have. Whether that be a concern or even an interest to get involved with social event planning.

Past Involvement: 2021 Social Subcommittee Member

Favourite ND experience: Honestly all the social events were elite, but probably O-Camp

Interests: Throwing friends under the bus during fines sessions at sporting clubs, pretending I can surf, getting all my jokes from Hamish and Andy etc.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Hannah Cadlolo

Year: 2nd year

Role Description: This role involves organising the MSAND sports calendar for the year. I will also strive to provide an open and encouraging environment in many sporting domains to encourage participation by as many Notre Dame Med students as possible. My aim is to help get us away from our desks momentarily as well to build comradery and connection between all year groups. We will be running men’s and women’s football, mixed netball, and soccer plus a variety of smaller groups such as run club and weightlifting (open to input on more sporting groups if anyone has any ideas!).

What I can help you with: I can help with any sporting queries you have throughout the year!

Past Involvement: MSAND social justice committee member as well as the most enthusiastic and competitive member of the yellow team at the 2021 O-Camp.

Favourite ND experience: Wheatbelt Rural Community Engagement Placement (specifically cheering on Donna Mak as she pretended the bus aisle was a catwalk).

Interests: Netball, running, literally any form of sport (minus bouldering).

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Indiana Scanlon (she/they)

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: As your wellbeing rep, I am here to support your mental health and wellbeing while navigating med school. This includes providing you with online and tangible resources, interactive wellbeing events, and creating a supportive university environment that aims to increase mental health awareness and encourage an open and honest discussion surrounding mental health.  

What I Can Help You With: Anything from wellness resources, mindfulness techniques, to doggo pics, I’ve got your back. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any questions or concerns both uni or life related – I will always be here for support, advice or just to listen.

Past Involvement: Social Justice Sub-committee 2021

Favourite ND experience: Taking part in the World’s Greatest Shave (Go Med Eggs!) to support families affected by blood cancer & fund further research.

Interests: The 4 B’s – beach, beers, bouldering, and boogeying to DJ Sushiman (our very own AMSA Rep Sacha), & 4 legged fluffy bois (namely my labradoodle sunny / sunile / sundog millionaire).

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Oliver Taylor

Year: 4th year

Role Description: I represent the student body’s educational interests and communicate them to the curriculum staff during regular meetings. I will also be running fun and educational events throughout the year

What I Can Help You With: If you have any questions or concerns about assessments, learning resources or pretty much anything else to do with your educational experience, I’m your guy!

Past Involvement: Education Representative 2021, EMIG Co-Chair 2020

Favourite ND experience: O Camp!

Interests: Anki, あんき, 暗記 and getting down on the dance floor!

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Sacha Alexiou (he/him)

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: Advocation and representation of the Notre Dame School of Medicine Fremantle students’ positions on policy to the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA). AMSA is the peak representative body that vests the interests of medical students to the Australian Medical Association. This means that our voice is heard by key decision makers and medicine continues to evolve along with changing views.

What I Can Help You With: I hail from Brisvegas/Meanjin, and am therefore one of the many orphans constantly affected by not being able to go home (which is hopefully a thing of the past). Nonetheless, I understand the stress and am here to help if you feel similar to this. All in all, I am happy to help with anything. Ideas, concerns, expectations, or feelings, throw them at me!

Past Involvement: Equity subcommittee member in 2021.

Favourite ND experience: Donna Mak thinking I was a Curtin University student on the Wheatbelt placement in Moo-ra.

Interests: Dee-jaying, photography (portraiture, street, landscape), finding new music, dancing, hospitality.

Contact Email: [email protected]  

Social Justice:

Name: Emily Gale

Year: 2nd year

Role Description: My job is to help you be an advocate for the causes you’re passionate about through fundraising and advocacy events, volunteering opportunities locally, and social media campaigns.

What I Can Help You With: I understand how difficult it can be to commit time to activism with study, work, personal commitments, and everything else. I want to help you be an activist for the social justice issues you’re passionate about through slacktivism – activism that doesn’t require too much time or energy. There are a lot of simple, easy ways to make an impact and I want to help you with this. I also want to hear from you about your concerns and your ideas on how MSAND Social Justice could make an impact both locally and globally.

Past Involvement: Rural health and O&G SpIGs.  

Favourite ND experience: Walking out of the OSCE J

Interests: Drinking natural wine, dancing to house/disco, and wearing a cow-girl hat (preferably simultaneously).

Contact email: [email protected] ; Instagram: msand_social_justice


Name: Sophie Dixon

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: Advocate for opportunities and experiences to expose students to rural health. My aim is to inspire the next generation of rural doctors to be excited about going bush to help our rural communities.

What I Can Help You With: I am always up for a yarn (about anything) and am very passionate about chatting all things rural health and low resource healthcare. Please use me as your go to rural health resource for RCS, BLOC, rural medical pathways and general rural life questions. If you have ideas you want to see in action I’d love to hear them too!

Past Involvement: SpIG Vision Global Health Subcommittee 2021, Teddy Bear Hospital Subcommittee 2021. First hand rural upbringing, remote clinical experience in Australia and overseas as a Registered Nurse and with the Australian Army.

Favourite ND experience: Thursday lunches at the orient. $5 burgers – You couldn’t buy the materials for that!

Interests: Beach volleyball and all beach related activities, walking and talking, having a boogie and sliding health promotion advice into everyday conversations. 

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Jack Murray (he/him)

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: To represent and advocate on behalf of medical students at Notre Dame on issues regarding equity of disability access, gender, and sexuality within the medical school and the wider university and to ensure equitable access to both educational and support services.

What I Can Help You With: Accessing support services, advocating for diverse representation within the uni, helping make events inclusive and safe. I can also help you start a passion project or advocate for something you think needs to change. If you see me around, grab me at anytime because there is no wrong time to effect change.

Past Involvement: Vision Global Health Subcommittee member, Emergency Medicine Interest Group Subcommittee member

Favourite Dancing to Single Ladies at O-camp. I love Beyonce and almost went to a private concert of hers after she dm’d me from a private account but then I had to cancel my credit card…

Interests: Downloading Duolingo and learning 10 new German words once a year, making my own wine by leaving juice out overnight and baking to avoid studying.

Contact email[email protected]


Name: Rubi Ni Chin

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: All things media (aka using CANVA), including socials and MSAND publications.

What I Can Help You With: Sharing your creativity for all MSAND to see. I am always up for chat or a rant, so feel free to grab me when you see me or send me a message on Facebook. We can grab coffee (almond latte, please), share any creative ideas or recaps of events in our schools that’s worth sharing on our socials and the famous NOTRE DAMUS.  

Past Involvement: 2021 Social Justice and Global Health committee member 

Favourite ND experience: Wheatbelt Rural Community Engagement Placement

Interests: Justin Bieber, cheesecakes, pasta (Ciao Italia) and indoor plants. All things that cheer me up after a stressful day at uni.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Ashwin Rajendra

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: If MSAND were Batman, I’d be Lucius Fox: managing the behind the scenes components for MSAND’s activities. My role involves managing the MSAND website and emails as well as organising tickets for our events.

What I Can Help You With: Most things tech related: whether that be guiding you through Blackboard or guiding you in RuneScape. Additionally, I can provide detailed reviews for most movies and TV shows. I’m also always around for a yarn about anything.

Past Involvement: First Year Rep in 2018, IT Rep 2020

Favourite ND experience: The six weeks of Broome Learning on Country and Kimberley Week.

Interests: Basketball, Dom Sheed and Cooking (pls hit me up if you want to go on My Kitchen Rules).

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED200 Rep:

Name:  Tina Barrow

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: As 2nd year rep with Rus, we’re here to listen to student’s needs, concerns and feedback and relay this back to year coordinators and preclinical associate Dean. We are here to problem solve any issues and to make second year the best it can be for our year group and the year groups to come through after us. We also help to maximise the good vibes and keep the year group connected to each other as well as other years.

What I Can Help You With: General or specific second year issues/questions/concerns that impact the year group or individuals. Happy to answer any qs about first year like what to expect, what’s important to go to etc. Any suggestions for fun social events and reach out to me if you just need someone to vent to!

Past Involvement: kind of spent first year just figuring it all out, but attended every SPIG/MSAND event possible!

Favourite ND experience: All the very high yield friendships, and also having Barbs as my clin skills tutor for the whole entire year

Interests: Running, Turkish delight, almond flat whites, Haru sushi

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED200 Rep:

Name: Russell O’Connor

Year: 2nd year

Role Description: What Tina said ☺

What I Can Help You With: Any queries or concerns related to MEDI6100, the best coffee shops in Freo (including the hidden ones), and I have an extremely rubber arm if you need a friend at the pub

Past Involvement: I’m new to all this, so very excited to help organise the awesome events an SpIG nights I attended last year.

Favourite ND experience: O-Camp, Uniform Party (particularly the party bus), walking out of MEDI6100 OSCE

Interests: Beer(s), playing tennis with pals, watching any form of sport, napping, and finishing my ANKI

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED300 Rep:

Name: Ege Eroglu

Year: 3rd year

Role Description: To keep our treasurer Alex awake (see photo). Other responsibilities include representing the best year group (better than MED400) along with Amy who is amazing, having DnMs with Jane Courtney about your concerns, and organising Friday friendlies for all year groups plus other events to keep our year group thriving.

What I Can Help You With: This is a head scratcher…. Nah, I am always free for a chat, preferably about life but can also help with med related stuff I guess! I can name any ABBA song within 2 seconds so if you need someone for a music quiz night you know who to call.

Past Involvement: 2020 and 2021 Teddy Bear Hospital subcommittee, 2021 Emergency Medicine subcommittee, 2020 Research subcommittee and being part of green team at O-camp lead by Eug (noot noot).

Favourite ND experience: Definitely Kimberley week in 2nd year singing “Take me home country road” (very off key) at the long table dinner and all uni events (especially O-camp) so get around it incoming 2nd years!

Interests: beach walks, holding hands and hugs

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED300 Rep:

Name:  Amy Lorimer

Year:  3rd Year

Role Description: Representing the wonderful 3rd Year cohort, organising Friday Friendlies and mentoring!

What I Can Help You With: Anything related to 3rd Year! Always happy to prove an ear to listen, shoulder to cry on, or whatever it is that you may need 🙂

Past Involvement: 2021 Wellbeing Representative

Favourite ND experience: Meeting wonderful people and being part of the supportive ND culture.

Interests: Dogs (!!!), cheese (my favourite’s gouda), Taylor Swift (stream Taylor’s version)

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED400 Rep:

Name: Alex Gunnell

Year: 4th year

Role Description: 4th year representative (With Emma Jobson); advocating and updating fellow fourth years and helping to organise events

What I Can Help You With: Anything and everything 4th year, also water polo but that won’t be a huge help to anyone

Past Involvement: First time on MSAND committee

Favourite ND experience: RCS in Busselton by a long way

Interests: Non-weight-bearing sports, watching weight-bearing sports, the occasional non-sport related activity

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED400 Rep:

Name: Emma Jobson

Year: 4th Year

Role Description: Alex and I represent the 4th year cohort, liaising with MSAND and the ND School of Medicine staff. We also organise events throughout the year and graduation

What I Can Help You With: Any advice regarding MD including placement, coursework or life beyond medicine!

Past Involvement: 2020 MSAND Social Subcommittee

Favourite ND experience: O-camp + halfway dinner + re-meeting Alex Gunnell

Interests: Friends, sunset drinks, Pilates, gardening, crochet

Contact Email: [email protected]