Name: Joseph Curran

Year: 4th

Role Description: MSAND President. I’m fortunate enough to be the link between the staff and students of the Notre Dame Medical community. Moreover, I liaise with presidents and members of other medical student societies around Australia. I hope to represent the members of MSAND and their views, and help further the brilliant culture of Notre Dame Medicine.

What I Can Help You With: Anything you need – problems, ideas, questions, suggestions, just a chat or to go watch the Tigers win. I’m a huge fan of getting messages on any social platform, except I don’t have Club Penguin anymore. I’m always happy to help out!

Past Involvement: 2nd year rep 2019 and Vice President Internal 2020

Favourite ND experience: Broome in 2nd year. The Derby and Broome rodeos were a big highlight

Interests: One of my favourite things is finishing off difficult sums on blackboards at my part time job as a janitor at a prestigious university.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Vice-President Internal:

Name: Brittany Webster

Year: 4th year

Role Description: my role is to support the president and each of the MSAND portfolios, particularly with the coordination and planning of events and representing the needs of the students. Another part of my role is to liaise between the student body and the staff, particularly in relaying any concerns of the students.

What I Can Help You With: Anything and everything! I can help to voice any concerns that you have, as well as any ideas you have for events or initiatives within the school. I’m always up for a chat so never hesitate to reach out for any reason.

Past Involvement: 2nd year rep, education rep

Favourite ND experience: Kimberley trip

Interests: the beach, my puppy and showing people pictures of my puppy

Contact Email: [email protected]

Vice-President External:

Name: Justin Taheri-Chivers

Year: 4th Year

Role Description: My role is to liaise with MSAND’s corporate partners and organise sponsorship of events and activities that our dear committee members run throughout the year. Although VPE is mostly about fundraising, I also assist our fearless leader Breanna on occasion and am sure to throw in my opinions where required.

What I Can Help You With: Always happy to have a chat and joke around to try and bring the lighter aspects of this degree to the forefront, or if you know any sponsors that want to get on board the bandwagon then send them my way!

Past Involvement: Celebration sub-committee 2018, Sports Rep 2019, Vice-President External 2020.

Favourite ND experience: Broome Learning on Country program (or was it holiday?), and Derby trip out to a station.

Interests: Food, coffee, beverages, footy (AFL that is), cricket, collecting stamps etc

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Christine van Deventer 

Year: 3rd year

Role Description: Basically, the human diary for the MSAND team (*cough Joe Curran *cough, cough). I’m involved in organising MSAND meetings and Special Interest Group events, plus in charge of organising the applications for various representative roles throughout the year. Roles such as SpIG co-chairs and MEDI6100 Year reps. Ultimately, my aim is to ensure the integration of all societies within all four cohorts making sure there are no event clashes, and everything runs smoothly.

What I Can Help You With: Would like to say I’m easy-going, down-to-earth country gal always up for a chat, whether uni related or life outside of uni and happy to answer any questions anyone might have.

Past Involvement: MEDI6100 Year Rep 2019 and Social Year Rep 2020

Favourite ND experience: Friday Friendlies and footy training/games

Interests: Love the Beach, coffee, sport and socialising, always up for a boogie at any event run throughout the year!

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Danny Huynh

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: Deciding where we spend the money Breanna and the rest of the MSAND team brings in!

What I Can Help You With: Whether it’s flicking me a message on Facebook, having a chat over coffee or if you see me at uni, I am always down to have a chat. Whatever your academic or career background may be – medicine can definitely bring its own set of challenges so definitely don’t be afraid to reach out. Everyone’s always willing to have a chat and that applies across the board! 

Past Involvement: Member of the MSAND Equity Committee 2019, Treasurer 2020

Favourite ND experience: Getting a chance to meet all the lovely people at ND!

Interests: Soccer, reading, a good podcast, yoga, doggos, and having a good yarn.


Name: Andrew Warnock

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: My role is to make sure the calendar is full of fun and inclusive events throughout the year for everyone to enjoy.  We are going big this year to make up for the socially distanced 2020!

What I Can Help You With: Providing you with events where you can dress to impress, dance your heart out to amazing tunes and forget about study for an evening with your favourite people!

Past Involvement: 2020 Social Subcommittee Member, 2020 Research SPIG Subcommittee Member

Favourite ND experience: O-Camp!

Interests: Anything aquatic and beachy, discovering new food and drink spots, North Street Cinny buns and a good boogie.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Ethan Williams

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: This role centres around providing a welcoming sports calendar for 2021 that can engage as many people across all years of Med at Notre Dame regardless of their sporting experience (my first ever game of footy was for MSAND against UWA). We will be running the likes of Men’s and Women’s Footy, Mixed Netball, E-Sports, Soccer and a variety of smaller groups such as run club, weightlifting, surf club and rock climbing! If you have any queries, questions or suggestions related to sport, health or fitness at Notre Dame send them my way!

What I can help you with: Anything sports related unless it’s how to play footy, I wouldn’t have a clue.

Past Involvement: Vice President of the ND Power and Weightlifting Club and 2020 Teddy Bear Hospital Co-Chair

Favourite ND experience: O-Camp, despite being smashed in the push up challenge, it was an awesome way to get to know the our amazing 3rd year crew and the MSAND reps of 2019!

Interests: Any and all sports from footy to cornhole, waking up early, surfing at a level well below average and doing weird exercises at the gym.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Amy Lorimer

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: As your Wellbeing Rep I’m here to look out for mental health and wellbeing while navigating med school. This involves organising wellness events and wellness resources, providing a shoulder to lean on, and helping to keep the school happy and healthy.

What I Can Help You With: Anything you need! Never hesitate to reach out if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need some support, advice or an ear to listen. Whether it’s uni or personal life related I am here to help.

Past Involvement: Member of the 2020 Wellbeing Subcommittee

Favourite ND experience: Meeting wonderful people and being a part of the supportive ND culture.

Interests: I love dogs!! I also love cheese (my favourite’s gouda), Taylor Swift, wine tours and the beach.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Oliver Taylor

Year: 3rd year

Role Description: I represent the student body’s educational interests and communicate them to the curriculum staff during regular meetings. I will also be running fun and educational events throughout the year.

What I Can Help You With: If you have any questions or concerns about assessments, learning resources or pretty much anything else to do with your educational experience, I’m your guy!

Past Involvement: EMIG Co-Chair 2020

Favourite ND experience: O Camp!

Interests: Anki, あんき, 暗記and getting down on the dance floor!

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Nicholas Peh

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: Primarily,I am responsible for advocating and representing the interests of our medical school to AMSA (Australian Medical Students Association) the peak representative body
for medical students in Australia at the state and National Level. Essentially, I make sure you get heard by the people who make decisions which impact your life as a medical student! I also oversee the interuniversity blood donation drive (Vampire Cup) and the Mental Health/Blue Week.

What I Can Help You With: If you have an interest in public health and policy or want to get involved, have a chat with me or send me a message! I am also happy to answer any questions you have about the variety of AMSA events run on a state or national level.

Past Involvement: MSAND AMSA Subcommittee 2020

Favourite ND experience: Becoming mates withakangaroo and her wallaby on O-Camp.

Interests: Tennis, skiing, chess, debating, brunching, music events and medical research.

Contact Email: [email protected]  

Social Justice:

Name: Ashani Jeyadevan

Year: 2nd year

Role Description: My job is to lead the social justice warriors of ND in advocating for causes we are passionate about, through ~inspiring~ events, volunteering opportunities locally, and social media campaigns.

What I Can Help You With: Do you have a social justice endeavour you’re really passionate about? Do you have some extra time or coins you would like to invest in a good cause? Do you need a warm hug? Let me help.

Past Involvement: Social Justice Subcommittee (2020) & SPINRPHEX

Favourite ND experience: Exploring Bruce Rock on the MEDI100 Wheatbelt Immersion!

Interests: Shrek 2 and dismantling the patriarchy.

Contact email: [email protected] ; Instagram: msand_social_justice


Name: Chris Lloyd

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: MSAND Rural Rep, Resident Bogan

What I Can Help You With: Anything Rural related. Information on JFPP, RCS, events and Rural Health. If you have a spare 5min I will talk your ear off about how good Rural is.

Past Involvement: I have been a member of MSAND Rural throughout my whole time at ND. My past life involved providing Rural Health Care within rural and remote communities within central west Queensland. I have a strong passion for continuing the provision of Rural Health and sparking other student’s interest in doing the same.

Favourite ND experience: The supportive cohort of students.

Interests: Camping, hiking, cooking, hanging out with family, friends and my dogs.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Cassandra Mattes (she/her)

Year: MEDI6200

Role Description: Advocate for issues regarding equity of disability access, mental health, gender, and sexuality within the medical school and the wider university. 

What I Can Help You With: Accessing support services, advocating for diverse representation within the uni, helping make events inclusive and safe. I can help you start a passion project or advocate for something you think needs to change.

Past Involvement: MEDI6100 year rep, socialising too much in the med library, founding member of STRIPES (the first LGBTQIA+ club at ND)

Favourite ND experience: Clive Walley telling me I had a cool shirt

Interests: Over-catering, very large cups of tea, dancing to a Charlie XCX remix at 3am, making forms pronoun-inclusive, using mugs instead of keep cups.

Contact email[email protected]


Name: Emma Gooderson

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: All things media, including socials and MSAND publications

What I Can Help You With: Anything! Always up for a chat, so feel free to send me a message on Facebook or we can catch up over coffee, no concern or worry is too big/small, so don’t underestimate how helpful it can be to vent or chat it out.

Past Involvement: Nada – I am a newbie on the committee!

Favourite ND experience: O-Camp!!!!

Interests: Scheduled shower cries, iced coffee and free parking (hit me up if you don’t know the sweet spots yet)

Contact Email: [email protected]


Name: Ashwin Rajendra

Year: 3rd Year

Role Description: If MSAND were Batman, I’d be Lucius Fox: managing the behind the scenes components for MSAND’s activities. My role involves managing the MSAND website and emails as well as organising tickets for our events.

What I Can Help You With: Most things tech related: whether that be guiding you through Blackboard or guiding you in RuneScape. Additionally, I can provide detailed reviews for most movies and TV shows. I’m also always around for a yarn about anything.

Past Involvement: First Year Rep in 2018, IT Rep 2020

Favourite ND experience: The six weeks of Broome Learning on Country and Kimberley Week.

Interests: Basketball, Dom Sheed and Cooking (pls hit me up if you want to go on My Kitchen Rules).

Contact Email: [email protected]

Med100 Rep:

Name: Camilla Linhart

Year: 1st Year

Role Description: My role alongside Raph, is to be the voice of our incredible cohort. Together, we address any concerns, ideas and communicate feedback to the year coordinator through regular meetings. Our cohort grasps strongly onto the motto “First years first, no man left behind”. As your year reps, we will continue to stand by that, and support one another to the very end.

What I Can Help You With: I am your “go to girl”. Please do not hesitate to come to me with any queries, concerns or just for a good chat over a nice mug of hot chocolate. I am always happy to help, to listen and to have a good laugh.

Past Involvement: I am new to the MSAND committee so bring on this year!

Favourite ND experience: Being in such a supportive cohort I have greatly enjoyed getting to know everyone. My highlights so far would be the O-week camp, uniform party and the wheatbelt placement. I am looking forward to creating many more memories with my ND med fam. 

Interests: Tennis, going to the gym, morning walks, chocolate and sipping on a few cocktails. 

Contact Email: [email protected]

Med100 Rep:

Raphael Watt

Year: 1

Role Description: First Year Rep

What I Can Help You With: If you’re in MEDI6100 and have any questions, concerns, or ideas relating to the course, let me know. I’m here to make sure your first year of medicine at Notre Dame goes as smoothly as possible. (I am more broadly available to receive messages of praise for the incredible MEDI6100 cohort from all students, regardless of year)

Past Involvement: nada

Favourite ND experience: PBL (I’m a nerd. Sue me.)

Interests: History, Fantasy, Fitness, Cooking, and Gaming (if I ever have the time again)

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED200 Rep:

Name:  Olivia Conlan

Year: 2nd Year

Role Description: As second year rep alongside Teegs, we relay student concerns to the year coordinator and pre-clinical associate Dean. We are here to discuss and problem solve any issues or concerns the second year students are having. We also aid in maintaining cohesion and connectedness between the grade.

What I Can Help You With: General second year concerns and enquiries. Individual, student-specific problems along with bigger issues that are uniform across the grade. We are open to suggestions on social events and how to make the student experience more enjoyable. 

Past Involvement: MSAND Social Justice subcommittee 2020.

Favourite ND experience: 2020 Delay Soiree was a highlight for me. Second year GP placements have also been an excellent educational experience. 

Interests: Interests involve (but are not limited to) dancing, drinking RED wine and brushing my hair.

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED200 Rep:

Name: Teegan McQuinn

Year: 2nd year

Role Description: What Liv wrote 😛

What I Can Help You With: Freo coffee recommendations, vego recipes, listening to you vent about anything med or not med related, any queries, concerns, feedback or suggestions about MEDI6200

Past Involvement: 2020 Teddy Bear Hospital Subcommittee, Global Health Conference 21 Management Committee (held in Perth this year, everyone pls attend!!)

Favourite ND experience: SO MANY!! 2021 World’s Greatest Shave! GP placements, SPINRPHEX and med O camps, Uniform Party, crying in the library alongside other med students, finishing MEDI6100 exams!!

Interests: I once competed in a team triathlon this year and won’t let anyone forget that, rural health, social justice, having a yarn and/or a boogie over wine or coffee, Global Health Conference 2021 (another shameless plug), brushing Liv’s hair and shaving mine off

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED300 Rep:

Name: Eugenia (Huge Eug) Hutton

Year: 3rd year

Role Description: Representing the legends of 3rd year and facilitating inter year connections via Friday friendlies and mentoring.

What I Can Help You With: Free for chat about any concerns or a chat about life in general e.g. what shows you are binge watching (#ladywhistleDOWN)

Past Involvement: Equity representative in 2nd year

Favourite ND experience: Donna Mak on a bucking bull

Interests: beach walks, holding hands and hugs

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED300 Rep:

Name:  Marie Johnston

Year:  3rd Year

Role Description: Representing the best year group to ever exist as a medical cohort – EVER! Organising Friday friendlies and NDs mentoring program with my other half (Eug) <3

What I Can Help You With: Anything and everything related to 3rd year! Plus, I also love a good chat so more than happy to literally talk about anything else (just not 4th year and real medicine pls)

Past Involvement: Teddy bear hospital subcommittee, Pre-clinical education rep & Events co-ordinator of the powerlifting club. 

Favourite ND experience: O-camp has to take the cake + every other MSAND social event

Interests: Lifting big boy weights, breaking my left foot & being a turbo

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED400 Rep:

Name: Isabella Ellison

Year: 4th year

Role Description: Carla and I represent the 4th year cohort providing an avenue for any problems to be filtered to MSAND or the School of Medicine staff. We will also be organising our graduation events

What I Can Help You With: any advice surrounding the medical degree, outside of university life or interstate questions- particularly those related to Adelaide!

Past Involvement: 2020 MSAND secretary, 2019 Teddy Bear Hospital Co- Chair, 2019 half- way dinner committee

Favourite ND experience: cattle station for the MEDI6200 Kimberly immersion week

Interests: football, netball, travelling

Contact Email: [email protected]

MED400 Rep:

Name: Carla Zoccoli

Year: 4th Year

Role Description: 4th year representative (With issy Ellison); advocating for fellow fourth years and helping to organise events in keeping with their interests

What I Can Help You With: If you have anything you’d like to discuss regarding the School, placement, academia or beyond, I’m here to help adovate

Past Involvement: 3rd Year representative

Favourite ND experience: A helicopter flight over Fitzroy River during our rural immersion week in Fitzroy Crossing. Funnily enough, with Issy Ellison

Interests: Spending time with my friends, wine, playing netball and good food.

Contact Email: [email protected]