At Notre Dame, electives are undertaken for four weeks in either one four week block, or two two-week blocks. It can be undertaken locally or internationally, in a clinical context, PPH context, or other medical context that is approved by the UNDAF.

Consider how much you want to be at the hospital, a location you wish to visit, a medical issue you are passionate about, or a mode of practice you wish to explore further.

Insurance can be provided by most of the medical indemnity companies, but do look into the fine print as to what they will cover.

Some countries are expensive, and others require your application very much in advance (e.g. Edinburgh and Johannesburg require 18months), so there’s no such thing as looking into it too early.

More electives advice:

Also, if there is a specific hospital you wish to attend, consider emailing the hospital directly. They will point you in the right direction, and some hospitals (e.g. UTH in Lusaka, Zambia) may be able to help you organise the placement directly.

Elective scholarships and grants:

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