SmithCoffey: A Unique Approach to Financial Advice for Doctors

A Unique Approach to Financial Advice for Doctors

True long term growth and security is the result of a co-ordinated and balanced approach across all financial disciplines. That’s why at Smith Coffey we deliver a synchronised plan that covers everything from tax and accounting to investments to insurance and estate planning. It’s designed to help you meet your personal and business goals and ensure that you make the best possible decisions for the best financial outcome.

It’s not uncommon for people to have a Bank Manager, Stock Broker, Insurance Agent, Accountant and Financial Planner – all providing independent advice on the current critical events in your life. But how often do they communicate with each other to ensure the information they give you is right for your greater financial position now and in the future? Our unique approach to helping you achieve your professional and lifestyle goals comes from our many services available all under one roof.

Our experience is that most people do not have fully articulated long term financial goals often because their professional and or social commitments consume all of their available time. It is our aim to be your “financial architect” and provide solutions to the many and varied financial issues that you might face throughout your lifetime. As a consequence of this, you can focus on your career, family and social life.

Smith Coffey will bring a focus to the financial issues in your life by assisting you to develop long term financial goals and then implementing a plan to help you reach those goals. Our goal is to provide you and your family with financial security, regardless of where you’re at in life, through co-ordinated financial advice. We call this approach “Professional Financial Care for Healthcare Professionals”. It’s an approach that we have been refining for almost fifty years.


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